What is AnglebaseTM

The Anglebase Container (Patent Pending)
  • The 10 liter container has a sloping inner floor so that any excess water collects at the bottom. The horizontal base is structured with a honeycomb sculpturing to enable firm positioning on the ground.
  • The container has a vertical slit in the centre of the curved wall that terminates above the container floor. This is the only outlet.
The Anglebase Container
The Anglebase Funnel (Patent Pending)
  • The Anglebase funnel has been developed specially for use with the container.
  • Water drains into the funnel, and is carried directly to the root area of the plant where it is needed.
The Anglebase Funnel
The system incorporates the following:
  • A greenhouse covered with strong plastic that filters UV radiation.
  • Ventilation outlets with insect proof netting (50 mesh) for random wind born insects.
  • Canals between the rows for drainage of excess water.
  • Heavy gauge nylon black on one side and white on the other for the greenhouse floor.
    The black is face down to prevent seeds growing. - the white is face up to reflect the suns rays.
  • A reliable drip irrigation system.
  • Individual Anglebase containers.
  • Suitable substrate to fill the containers (Perlite or other).
  • Anglebase funnels, one for each container.
  • White rope for support trellising.

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