Advantages of the Anglebase Water & Fertilizer System

  • Saves more than 50% of irrigation water.
  • Saves 50% of fertilizers.
  • Fits in with your current drip system.
  • Minimize the need for leveling the field or other complicated preparation.
  • Minimal preparation time between crops: one day to one week.
  • Flexible configuration: choose the plant density and the gaps between water lines.
  • Passive system, requires no electricity or other energy sources.
  • Compatible with salted soil, sloped fields, infected soil or other marginalizing conditions
  • Minimize the need for soil disinfection between crops.
  • System can be used in open fields, 'net houses', greenhouses, etc. Excellent results with best quality crops and highest yields.
  • Ensures a clean environment with minimal pollution.

Direct access to the root area allows:

  • Accurate penetration of fertilizer nutrients and other organic substances as required.
  • Individual treatment for selected plants.
  • Heating or cooling of the substrate close to the roots.
  • Use of slow dissolving solids without blocking the system.
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